Most people build their business around just one, maybe two, of these five pillars, which can lead to a sense of unfulfillment. But when we work at the intersection and incorporate all five, that’s when we are truly Unstoppable.

Do you ever feel like you’re in the wrong lane?

You’re not certain your current career path is aligned with what actually lights you up.

You feel like your current workplace or industry doesn’t value what you like most about yourself.

You wonder whether you could make much better money in a more meaningful way — but how?

Then someone says: Just follow your passion!

Right. Not necessarily super helpful.

Because big, meaty philosophical questions about our life’s work require more than pithy comebacks. They require a reliable framework and process of experimentation to answer them.

Here’s why I believe…

If something is on the decline — a market, an industry, a tried-and-tested strategy — it means there is new life and growth elsewhere. So pack up, pick up your tent, and move on. Follow what’s alive.

In times of relentless change and uncertainty, we often have to adapt to working with limited resources.

But instead of reinventing the wheel, why not look to people who have done just that forever?

When I was 18, I travelled overland through the East, starting in India and winding my way through China, Siberia, and all the way back home to western Europe by train. I saw and lived many extraordinary things on that trip, but one experience really stands out: the time I spent with Mongolian nomads living in gers (yurts).

Along with their herds of horses they criss-cross…

Here’s what you need to know when making the leap into entrepreneurship

If you expect transitioning into self-employment to be like transitioning into an exciting new job, you’ll be in for a shock.

I call it ‘The Corporate Comedown’.

It’s that emotional slump that occurs a few weeks after the high of quitting your job to set up your own.

It’s when natural enthusiasm is replaced by anxiety, self-doubt, and total paralysis at how to structure your time and days.

It’s the moment of reckoning once you realise that transitioning into self-employment feels nothing like transitioning into an exciting new job.

Because self-employment is not a job.

It’s a lifestyle — one with its own very particular demands and requirements. And if you’ve ever considered working for yourself, are you ready for that?

When something isn’t working for you, don’t double-down on it. Toss it and try something completely different.

My coaching clients often hire me because they see me as (somewhat) of a “productivity expert”. Naturally, they’re often surprised to learn of my utter disdain for the concept of ‘The To-Do List’.

Why? Because an unorganised, un-prioritised list that keeps getting longer tends to inspire panic and overwhelm, rather than action. Worse still, truly important and meaningful things inevitably get left until last or receive no attention at all.

Instead of a To-Do list, I generally advise busy people to assign a time and date in their calendars for working on big, sticky tasks, and to group smaller ones…

Let me guess. You have a big idea, a desire, or a dream that you know is meant for you.

You think about it a lot. Maybe you’ve even talked about it. And now your friends have started asking: so that______ you want to do, how’s it going?

But you haven’t done anything.

All you have are the swarming thoughts:

Maybe it was just a phase…

I can’t motivate myself…

I’m not _____ enough…

I’m not cut out for this…

It’s not going to happen….

These are phrases I hear from my coaching clients every week. And I’ve been there…

Have you seen other business owners or consultants start slashing their prices or giving things away for free?

Have you thought to yourself: Do I have to do that too?

As a business coach and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs, here’s what I have to say on this topic…

Dear Entrepreneur, your genius is not suddenly worth less in a crisis.

When we are so surrounded by stories of people in great jeopardy, and of millions losing their jobs, it’s totally understandable to question whether we can expect to be compensated in the same ways we were before.

But a crisis…

You know that gut-wrenching feeling you get when you have to jump into something before you feel “ready”? The feeling accompanied by insane levels of imposter syndrome and anxiety that you’ll get “found out”?

I can deeply relate to that feeling — it’s one I spent most of my life actively trying to avoid.

Then I decided to start my own service business.

This is the entrepreneurial log of a recovering Perfectionist. In this article, I share 4 tips I used to shift my perfectionist tendencies, which might help prepare you to start taking imperfect action too.

A shadow side to every gift

When kicking off…

Photo by Eugenio Mazzone on Unsplash

Indulge me while I play a little guessing-game with you for a second.

You’re a high-achiever, driven by relentless passion and curiosity who always aspires to do their best, most impactful work.

True or False?

But — despite all of your successes — you sometimes struggle to finish the many projects you start and feel scattered or unclear about what your real priorities are.

True or False?

Now, be honest with me on this one. My guess is that you probably have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see.

Maybe you have a ton of…

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between coaching, therapy, and mentoring, and which may be the right option for you?

As someone who has worked with three coaches, two therapists and now being a coach myself, it’s my personal opinion that everyone can benefit from therapy, coaching and mentoring at certain times in their lives.

In this article, I break down what I see as the core differences between these three disciplines and how all three could benefit you.

Therapy vs. Coaching

Therapy focuses on healing the past while coaching helps a client to build a future.

I like this analogy…

Are you having to pivot really, really fast in your career or business because of the crisis? This is for you.

On top of all the existential challenges posed by Covid_19 — lifestyle disruption, paralyzing anxiety, kids stuck at home — now your business or career feels in jeopardy too? You’re not alone.

In recent weeks, many of my coaching clients and community have been seeking advice from me on one question: how do I pivot really, really fast?

If you’re currently under pressure to get new clients, adapt your business offering and create income quickly, here are the three core steps I recommend following.

But before we dive in, I want to offer a reframe. You might be feeling panicked…

Imogen Roy

Strategy Coach helping entrepreneurial people be more purposeful, productive and present in life and business | | @imogenroy

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