Are you multi-passionate or just multi-distracted? Here’s how to find more focus and start achieving your goals.

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Indulge me while I play a little guessing-game with you for a second.

You’re a high-achiever, driven by relentless passion and curiosity who always aspires to do their best, most impactful work.

True or False?

But — despite all of your successes — you sometimes struggle to finish the many projects you start and feel scattered or unclear about what your real priorities are.

True or False?

Now, be honest with me on this one. My guess is that you probably have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see.

Maybe you have a ton of incredible projects and ideas inside you, but you’ve never brought them to light.

Maybe you’re so busy delivering the world for your clients or employer, that you can barely keep on top of your own organisation and goals….

Am I right? If so, please know you’re not alone. Every day in my coaching practice, I speak to brilliantly talented entrepreneurial people who are overwhelmed by all of the ideas they have and are drowning under the weight of unfinished projects.

They have so many possible options, so many possible paths, that they can’t choose any of them and are stuck at the crossroads, unable to move forward with any of them.

It’s business FOMO and it’s an unpleasant place to be.

Going all-in

The secret to being successfully multi-passionate is to grow one thing at a time. To go all-in on just one thing at a time.

Often we worry that focusing on just one or two things at a time means we’re limiting ourselves. But the difference between going 10% on many things and going all-in on one thing is well, this…

When we don’t get what we want, it’s usually not because we’re not good enough or can’t do it. It’s because we want too much at once and don’t do enough work in any one area to get traction.

No for now, not no forever

You may consider yourself multi-passionate. But being multi-passionate shouldn’t mean being scattered.

Passion means obsession.

Obsession means fixation.

Fixation means one thing at a time.

One thing at a time means getting results.

Results means clarity.

And clarity builds confidence.

Without singular focus, you’re not really multi-passionate. You’re just multi-distracted.

Those big goals and dreams you want to achieve? You probably don’t need more time. You need more focus.

Which one to start with?

You might be saying to yourself: ok, I get that I should try one thing at a time – but how on earth do I pick?

If choosing to focus on one thing feels like a big or risky decision for you, here are some questions to ponder or journal. Notice I recommend contemplating your decision from both a rational and intuitive approach.

Rational questions

  • Does doing this right now make financial sense?
  • Do I have the capacity (time and personal energy) for this right now?
  • Have others given me encouraging feedback about this thing?
  • Would starting with this project open doors that would make pursuing my other projects easier?

Intuitive questions

  • What is my gut trying to tell me about this? What emotions or feelings (positive and negative) come up for me when I think deeply about it?
  • Can I trust the people I would be collaborating with?
  • How committed am I to all the changes and consequences focusing on this would bring to my life?
  • Is this something I can’t stop thinking about? Or is it more of a ‘should’ or obligation weighing on my shoulders?

Remember, inaction, or abdicating responsibility for the decision, is also a decision. By not making a choice at all, or continuing to tinker on the edges of multiple projects or goals, you risk digger deeper into self-doubt and a sense of stuckness.

The good news is that decisions rarely need to be permanent. Perhaps you go all-in on one thing, and find out after one month that it really doesn’t suit you. Victory! You can now cross that off your list, and go all-in on something else.

Or, after going all-in on something, you learn so much about yourself, that your entire direction shifts.

One thing at a time means getting results.

Results mean clarity.

And clarity builds confidence.

So, if consider yourself multi-passionate, think about one thing you can drill down on for value and enrichment before the end of the month.

  • Finishing one project.
  • Committing to one self-care practice to raise your energy, and reflecting on how it’s working for you before starting another.
  • Tackling your paperwork in one sprint.

The best thing about going all-in and finishing one project? You’ll feel energised to go all-in on the next one.

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