Your work isn’t going to speak for itself. So what are you going to do about it?

What every business owner needs to understand about marketing

As an entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer, you have to get comfortable with stepping into the role of marketer. Because in order to build a sustainable and thriving business that serves you, your lifestyle and your goals, you need marketing.

We are all marketers

Marketing is more intuitive than you think.

Caring is the best marketing strategy

Good marketing is an act of generosity. It’s about listening to people first, then offering to help them make the change they seek.

It’s not going to speak for itself

“I’d rather let my work/products/services speak for themselves”, is something I hear too often from people in business. People bringing much-needed change to the world. People with values and passion and grit.

Marketing is not the same as advertising

“…We made millions and spent $0 on marketing!”

  • Developing & positioning their brand in the market
  • Customer research
  • Building a website with a fantastic user experience (UX)
  • Growing an email list
  • Creating useful content and nurturing a loyal community on social media
  • Training their customer service team so customers keep coming back
  • Building a network around their company and forming brand partnerships
  • Taking care of their team so they talk about how much they enjoy working there
  • Etc.

How to tell if you’re not marketing enough

  • You don’t have enough customers
  • The wrong type of customer keeps showing up
  • When people introduce you and your business to other people, they explain what you do all wrong
  • Your ideas aren’t catching on
  • The people around you aren’t interested in what you have to say
  • Your work isn’t fulfilling you, and all of the above are stressing you out

Make it simple

Where I see a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers get stuck is when they over-complicate their marketing approach.

  • You need to build a community around it.

Simple marketing check-list

  • Do you have a one-liner for your business that both inspires and intrigues? Are you and your team using it consistently across social media, your website and in person?
  • Does your website copy contain your clear message, identifying who your target customer is and explaining the success they can expect after buying your product/services?
  • Are you inviting people to join a community around your message and your business, whether on social media, an email list or through in-person events?

Strategy Coach helping entrepreneurial people be more purposeful, productive and present in life and business | | @imogenroy

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